Terms and Conditions

In a situation where the shadow of oil dollars was removed from the country's economy with the imposition of the most severe and oppressive sanctions in history against the Iranian people, non-oil exports remained as the country's only way to overcome the constraints and supply the country's foreign exchange needs were reaffirmed. Successful countries indicate that presence in global markets and taking advantage of foreign trade, especially through the development of exports of goods has played an effective role in their economic development, and in Iran the development of non-oil exports and reducing the dependence of the country's economy on revenues from oil exports, has always been considered as one of the most important goals of foreign trade sector development programs by the government. this will make the country less affected by the political and economic developments in the world that arise from the oil economy.
The 'Hitajer' group, by taking into account the development plan and following the instructions of the Supreme Leader, based its mission on increasing non-oil exports in the hope that the country's dependence on oil revenues will disappear, and the income from non-oil exports will replace it. This application has been produced with the aim of creating a suitable platform for increasing export destinations and introducing goods made in our country and creating new export markets, increasing non-oil exports outside the country. Also, any producer can easily introduce his/her Iranian goods by using this software. Introduce yourself to the global markets. Introducing Iranian products, offering to foreign traders and creating a suitable platform for traders to negotiate and exchange goods can be considered as features of this software, which will turn threats into opportunities in this field as strategic goals and policies.
Dear user, please read the following items to be aware of the terms and conditions of the Hitajer while using the services provided on the website and app. By logging in to the Hitajer website and app and using the services and facilities provided by Hitajer, means you are aware of terms and conditions as well as how to use the Hitajer services and services, and you accept them. Note that registering an order at any time means full acceptance of all terms and conditions by the user. These terms and conditions supersede all prior agreements
All principles and procedures of “Hitajer” are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, electronic commerce and the consumer protection. The user is also obliged to follow the rules related to the user. This page will be updated during any changes to the rules and services of the “Hitajer” in the future, and you agree that your continued use of the “Hitajer” services constitutes your acceptance of any such changes.
The customer is a person who has registered with his/her user information in HiTajer to register inquiries and orders or any use of the HiTajer services.
The seller user is a natural or legal person who has offered his product on HiTajer websites.
Due to the fact that HiTajer services are provided through the web and apps, communications are done electronically, either through the website interface and HiTajer apps. Messages are sent via email and SMS to the user's approved number and email.
HiTajer respects the privacy of its users and is committed to protecting the personal information users provide. Since the collection and processing of some personal information is an unavoidable part of mobile and Internet-based processes, please refer to the following page for full information on HiTajer policies and practices in this area: Privacy
Government laws, regulations and orders in Iran.
not to use the services of HiTajer for illegal purposes
Not to use the services of the HiTajer in any way that violates the commercial interests of the Hitajer.
Not to publish commercial or non-commercial advertisements in any way that violates the commercial interests of HiTajer.
Not to use the services of the HiTajer in any way that has a detrimental effect on the normal operation of the mobile network or the Internet.
Follow the rules provided on this page
In case of registration, a special account will be created to the user. The user has the exclusive right to use his account and is prohibited from donating, borrowing, renting, transferring and selling it to others. The user is responsible for the care and protection of the user account and any activity that is performed under his code and user account.
If the user notices any illegal use of his account, he must inform immediately. Responding to any request from the user takes time. Therefore, HiTajer will be exempt from accepting responsibility for the consequences that occur before any appropriate action.
If the information entered by the user at the time of creating his account leads to a violation of laws, regulations, public policies or legitimate interests of the person and the third party, HiTajer is allowed to block the user’s account.
All intellectual property of HiTajer software such as copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets as well as all relevant information including words and phrases, icons and images, layout, diagrams, colors, geometric designs, design templates Relevant data, print and electronic documents are all protected by copyright law, trademark law, patent law, relevant international treaties and other intellectual property laws and regulations. HiTajer has the intellectual property rights of HiTajer mobile software and all its content.
The user reserves the intellectual property rights to the content and information entered by the user. This information includes product information, product images, store banner, information about the store, store icon and image, and user comments.
The user has the right to install Hypermarket apps for commercial purposes or to copy, modify, tamper with and adapt (such as access to Hypermarket software and related systems through Plugins or unauthorized Third Party tools and services) depending on the software and data. It does not transfer to the computer memory and interactive data between the user and the server when running the software.
HiTajer provides only the services mentioned in this contract and any breakdown in mobile access networks, mobile internet, telecommunication interference, etc. is not the responsibility of HiTajer. In addition, additional costs incurred by the user due to the use of Hajj's services (including mobile, internet costs) are the responsibility of the user, and HiTajar will not have any involvement or responsibility in these cases.
Hitajer is allowed to change, suspend or terminate part of its services (free service) at its discretion. When HiTajer changes, suspends or terminates free services, it is not required to notify users and assumes no responsibility to users or third parties in this regard. It is required to notify users before changing, suspending or terminating it, and to introduce and provide alternative payment services to users.
HiTajer services may be interrupted in unspecified times. These interruptions may be due to updates to the HiTajer's system and equipment, or may be due to unforeseen problems. Although HiTajer tries to inform users when downtime occurs, HiTajer will not commit itself to accepting responsibility for notifying users of when all downtime occurs.
If any dispute arises as to the content, interpretation or operation of this Agreement and its Annexes, this dispute shall be settled by negotiation between the parties; Otherwise, the dispute can be followed up and resolved by referring to the competent judicial authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
After a user enters a product for his store, the product needs to be approved by the HiTajer in order to be offered in the virtual store. HiTajer verifies, confirms or denies the accuracy of the information of the imported goods according to their accuracy and compliance with the laws.
Users who have registered with HiTajer can visit their stores and products and inquire about their desired products from sellers. To inquire about the product, the user must be registered and logged in. HiTajer is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the seller
According to Google Play rules, Android operating system applications must obtain permission from the user to access certain features of the user device, such as GPS and internal storage. In older versions of Android, by installing the app the user verified all the necessary permissions to access the features of their device, without knowing the content and their limits. In newer versions, this procedure is changed and the user approves these permissions "when using the program" and only when the program needs special access (such as location, file, microphone, etc.) to execute his request. Most access permissions are only asked once when the user wants to use the program features for the first time. HiTajer needs permission to access some features of your device for better service