About Us

In a situation where the shadow of oil dollars was removed from the country's economy with the imposition of the most severe and oppressive sanctions in history against the Iranian people, non-oil exports remained as the country's only way to overcome the constraints and supply the country's foreign exchange needs were reaffirmed. Successful countries indicate that presence in global markets and taking advantage of foreign trade, especially through the development of exports of goods has played an effective role in their economic development, and in Iran the development of non-oil exports and reducing the dependence of the country's economy on revenues from oil exports, has always been considered as one of the most important goals of foreign trade sector development programs by the government. this will make the country less affected by the political and economic developments in the world that arise from the oil economy.

The 'Hitajer' group, by taking into account the development plan and following the instructions of the Supreme Leader, based its mission on increasing non-oil exports in the hope that the country's dependence on oil revenues will disappear, and the income from non-oil exports will replace it. This application has been produced with the aim of creating a suitable platform for increasing export destinations and introducing goods made in our country and creating new export markets, increasing non-oil exports outside the country. Also, any producer can easily introduce his/her Iranian goods by using this software. Introduce yourself to the global markets. Introducing Iranian products, offering to foreign traders and creating a suitable platform for traders to negotiate and exchange goods can be considered as features of this software, which will turn threats into opportunities in this field as strategic goals and policies.